A Word About Websites...

Hosting a website involves two basic things; obtaining a Domain Name, and choosing a hosting plan.

Our Web Hosting page contains more information about this along with our pricing and feature list.

What's a Domain Name?

This is the name that follows the "www" in the web address of your site. In this example:
google is the domain name. The .com part is known as the Top Level Domain or TLD.

Our Domains page contains information about domains and how to register a domain name.

A word to all visitors... Thank you for checking us out. This website is primarily aimed at people new to websites and web hosting, but that doesn't mean we aren't glad to have experienced web/hosting customers too. The explanations offered here are pretty basic but, if there is something on here that is confusing to you, please let us know when you contact us and we'll be happy to explain it to your satisfaction. Please take your time and read what we have to offer.
Thanks again for checking out in1spirt Web Design & Web Hosting!
web design

Web Page Design

We offer a full range of website services designed to get your site up and running quickly. We can construct a custom layout for you, or you can choose from a variety of website templates that we have available. Our Web Design page will show you a few of the many possible layouts and designs available.

Web Hosting

Your website has to "be" somewhere on the net for others to be able to navigate to it, and that's where Web Hosting comes in. Basically, it involves a monthly fee where you "rent" space on a server that is constantly connected to the internet. No staggering fees here... a few dollars a month gets you up and running.

Domain Names

These can be almost anything you choose (within reason) so long as it isn't already registered to someone else, or so close to another site you risk legal challenges (you didn't think you're going to add another "o" and buy, did you?).

When you choose your Domain Name, for example "", we will register it for you and take care of all the setup chores. When we're done, anyone in the world typing in a browser will end up at your website. It's just that simple.

Putting it all together

We can do it all for you - design your website, register your domain name, and provide hosting services all at reasonable prices. If you already have a website design or your own domain, we can work with that too. Our Services page lists what we offer for you including our package deals.