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We review your request to make sure we know what information you want, then we will contact you back by e-mail with the answers.

Usually you will hear back from us the same day. If we need to speak with you by phone to answer the questions, we will ask for your number in our follow-up e-mail as well as provide ours.

Who are your customers? If I have a small site, will I be ignored while you focus on some other more important customer(s)?

ALL of our customers are important, and it doesn't matter if you have a small personal website or a commercial website selling products. So the answer is NO, you won't be ignored.

Large companies have their own IT departments to handle their websites and hosting chores. Frankly, we're not marketing to them; we're marketing to people or small businesses who want a website, don't have one, and need help with design and setup.


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