A Word About Our Service Pricing

Our prices vary based on the amount of work it will take to deliver what you want in a website or features of a website.

Before we begin work, we will consult with you to make a plan and contract for that plan. That will help us know and deliver exactly what you want and deliver it on time.

You don't pay until the work is complete. See item below.

What Can I Expect?

When you contact us, we will review the information and be back in touch with you by e-mail to discuss specifics and set up a consult with you. We'll go over your plan and set a deadline for completing the work.

You don't pay until the work is completed and you can see how your new/modified website works on our testing domain.

For a detailed example of how a typical new web design/hosting project goes, see our Services FAQs page.

Domains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once I purchase a domain, how long before I can see/use it?

The official word is "up to 4 days" to propagate. In reality, I've never seen one take longer than 48 hours for at least use in the U.S.

To understand why this isn't immediate you must understand that this is a matter of one DNS server updating another, which updates another, etc. etc. until DNS servers all over the world are updated. Imagine an infectious disease that starts in Chicago. As infected passengers fly to various destination cities, more people get infected. Then they travel, infecting still more people, until it's all over the world. We don't have control of when the DNS servers all update, but it's safe to say all in the U.S. will update within a couple days, 4 days for worldwide.

The domain name I really wanted wasn't available when I purchased but it's now available. Can I change my domain name to that name?

The short answer is no, you can't change any domain name. What you could do is purchase the now-available domain name, move your website to that domain, then park your old domain. When it comes time to renew the old domain, you can choose to keep it or let it expire.

Is there a discount for renewing a domain for multiple years?

There is, but the renewal must be for at least 5 years to get a discounted rate.

Can I sell a domain I no longer want or use?

Yes you can. There are websites on the internet that will estimate the value of your domain and suggest prices, though they seem unusually high in price and they vary. We priced the same domain with a 1-page website on it and got prices varying from $300 to $1,896. Ask yourself this question: Would you pay $1,800 for a domain?

Will my e-mail accounts have my domain name in them?

Yes. When you host with us, any new e-mail address you create will have the format: XXX@yourdomain.TLD Suppose you bought the domain name Example e-mail accounts could be:

How much does a domain cost?

$12 to register a new domain for one year. Subsequent renewals are $15/yr.

This applies to TLDs .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info.

Can I get a dedicated IP for my domain?

Yes. Dedicated IPs are $3/month per dedicated IP.