Fixing a Domain Name Error

There IS NO WAY to do this, so be sure to spell it correctly. If you mistakenly buy instead of, you're stuck with it. You would have to purchase a second domain with the correct spelling to get what you want. Please... check and double check it before you buy.

Why do I need a Hosting Provider?

A Hosting Provider, is going to give you a space (to put your website files) on their server that's connected directly to the internet full-time. You will be given storage space and a bandwidth limit (how much data can be transferred to and from your site in a given month). It's similar to how data plans work for smart phones, only these limits are MUCH higher. You pay a monthly fee depending on how much space and bandwidth you need. For most websites, you don't need much, so the rates are very reasonable.


Where do they come from?

All domains come from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They in turn have agreements with a number of companies (Registrants) around the world who they've authorized to sell domains in accordance with ICANN's rules. Each company can set it's own fee, which is why you see prices that vary a few dollars depending on the Registrant. We deal directly with one such Registrant. The prices are a couple dollars a year more but I've never had the problems some have had when things go wrong. You get what you pay for.

Available TLDs

The types of Top Level Domains available through in1spirit are:
.com .net .org .biz. and .info.
To be honest, if this is your first domain you don't want any other kind of TLD than one of the above.

How Do I Purchase a Domain Name

Give the name very careful thought because once you purchase it you cannot change it. If you misspell the name you'll be stuck with it (unless you want to buy another domain).

To order your domain, please go to our Contact page and click on the order domain link on that page. We will be back in touch with you by e-mail to verify your order and get your domain up and running.

Domain Expiration

When you register (purchase) a domain, it's yours for one year, and it must be renewed annually unless you choose to renew for a longer period. If you purchase your domain with us, in1spirit Hosting will send you renewal reminder notices well ahead of your domain expiration date so that you can avoid problems. If you let your domain expire, it goes into suspension for 30 days, during which only the previous owner can reactivate it. The reactivation fee is currently $40 on top of the renewal fee, so it pays to renew on time.

If you don't renew it by the end of the 30 day suspension, the domain name becomes locked. Renewal after the 30-day suspension period will be $90 plus the one year renewal. Ridiculous? We agree, but we don't make the domain rules. The domain is eligible for sale to a different registrant after 30 days, so you could lose it forever.

Parked, Add-On, and Sub Domains

A Parked domain is a second domain that has no content, it merely redirects to the primary domain. If the owner of also owned, he can put all his content on the .com domain and park the .net domain. Typing either or takes you to

An Add-On domain is a second domain with its own content that basically "shares" your hosting plan. If the owner of also owned, he can put different content on each one, then make an Add-On domain so he doesn't have to purchase a whole new hosting account for it.

A Sub domain is a second website with different content in a separate folder but sharing the same domain. If the owner of want to have a separate site for information, he can create a subdomain that will ACT LIKE a completely different domain even though it really isn't.