Size and Content Matter

How big will your website be? A website with 30 pages will usually require more bandwidth (how much data is transferred to/from your website) than a 5-page site, unless the 5 page site is filled with content to download. We only offer 3 plans, Starter, Advanced, and Custom, and we can also help advise you about which plan is most appropriate for your needs

How Will My e-mail Addresses Appear?

All of them will take the form username, where username is whatever name you assign and yourdomain is your domain name.

Some examples:

Hosting Plans


The plans below show the maximum limits for each type of service provided:


$3 per month

  • Storage: 500 Mb
  • Bandwidth: 500 Mb
  • FTP Accounts: 10
  • Max e-mail Accounts: 25
  • Max Databases: 5
  • Max Subdomains: 10
  • Max Parked Domains: 5
  • Max Add-On Domains: 5


$5 per month

  • Storage: 1000 Mb
  • Bandwidth: 1000 Mb
  • FTP Accounts: 25
  • Max e-mail Accounts: 75
  • Max Databases: 25
  • Max Subdomains: 25
  • Max Parked Domains: 12
  • Max Add-On Domains: 12


If you have needs beyond what our other two packages offer then we will gladly tailor a plan specifically for your needs.