A Word About Our Service Pricing

Our prices vary based on the amount of work it will take to deliver what you want in a website or features of a website.

Before we begin work, we will consult with you to make a plan and contract for that plan. That will help us know and deliver exactly what you want and deliver it on time.

You don't pay until the work is complete. See item below.

What Can I Expect?

When you contact us, we will review the information and be back in touch with you by e-mail to discuss specifics and set up a consult with you. We'll go over your plan and set a deadline for completing the work.

You don't pay until the work is completed and you can see how your new or modified website looks and works on our testing domain.

For an example of how a typical new web design/hosting project goes, see our Services FAQ page.


The Total Package

Starting at $275

  • 1 Domain Registration (1 year)
  • Website Design of up to 5 pages
  • Website Banner (Logo) Design
  • First month's hosting fee
  • Hosting package setup including creation of administrator e-mail account

Website Design

Starting at $250

  • Includes Website Design of up to 5 pages
  • Website Banner (Logo) Design

Web Banner/Logo Design

Starting at $50

  • 1 Banner/Logo image with stylized text
  • Transparent background unless otherwise specified
  • Maximum size 760 X 300 pixels

Additional Website Pages

Starting at $50

  • Design/creation of the additional page
  • Integration with existing website navigation

Custom Services

Please Contact For Quote

This would include items such as:

  • Adding non-standard items to a web page
  • Integrating your site with social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Setting up additional e-mail accounts for your domain
  • Setting up a blog or bulletin board
  • Redesigning your existing website
  • Making significant changes to your website
  • Graphics work
  • If you don't see it listed, please ask.